Young Economists Conference

 Welfare state under attack

The financial crisis after 2009 caused a massive economic downturn. After initial expansive fiscal effects of the government support for banks, the fiscal stance soon turned to austerity and cutting back of public expenditures. Stagnation, which lasted a decade in the Eurozone, led to massive unemployment, especially in the periphery. Moreover, taxation continues to race to the bottom and financialization of the economy advanced further. The economic turmoil has precipitated the rise of right-wing populism, which in some European countries might be endangering the democratic system.

These and other factors put the welfare state under enormous pressure and the legitimate role of the welfare state today is in question. Who is dependent on a strong welfare state? What are the functions of the welfare state and do they have to be extended or cut back? Are we in need of a modernization of the welfare system? Who is benefiting from a weakened welfare state? Can the welfare state reduce threats to the democratic order? These and other related questions are highly relevant for the near future and will also be discussed within a special session on Marxist thought to commemorate Marx’ 200th anniversary.

For this reason the Chamber of Labour Vienna and the Society for Pluralism in Economics Vienna host a conference on October 8th and 9th 2018, for which researchers at the beginning of their career (Master, pre- or post-doc) and are invited to attend. We specially encourage female researchers to participate in the conference. This year’s keynote speakers are:

  • Silke van Dyk is Professor of Political Sociology at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena specializing in political sociology, sociology of the welfare state and social policy, and sociology of demographics.
  • Arne Heise, Professor of Economics at the University of Hamburg, is an expert on macroeconomics, economic policy, public governance and European integration.

An outstanding contribution in the young economists sessions will be awarded the Eduard März Award of 1.000€. Workshop language is English; attendance is free.


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Gesellschaft Plurale Ökonomik Wien


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October 8th – 9th 2018

AK Wien office building
Conference room, 6th floor
Plößlgasse 2, 1040 Wien

Accessibility by public transport:
Tram line D (Station Plößlgasse)
Subway U1 (Taubstummengasse)
Parking (subject to availability) is available in the AK Vienna underground car park in Argentinierstraße.